New Instrument Pilot: Damian Cowell

Congratulations to Alameda Aero Club’s newest Instrument Pilot, Damian Cowell!! This has a project that Damian and I have been working on all summer, and after a delay last week due to the 100 inspection, DPE Ashley Snider was able to get Damian in for his Checkride up at Lincoln today! It was hot and bumpy, but Damian prevailed and is now certified by the FAA to endanger the general public in bad weather as well as good!

CFII Drew Kemp

New Private Pilot: Carlos Cuesta

Two days, two Private Pilots! Huge congratulations to Carlos Cuesta! On this smoky, funky day Carlos got’er done with DPE John Ewing. It took a while, but Carlos hung in there, and I couldn’t be any prouder of him!

Drew Kemp CFII

New Private Pilot: Michael Sears

Congratulations to our newest Private Pilot, Michael Sears! He made it through the haze to KCCR today where he impressed upon DPE Rich Batchelder his flying abilities and flew back with his certificate! Way to go Michael!

Joel Klein CFII

Cyril Pinkham First Solo

Sunday August 5th started out as usual at OAK. Low clouds not wanting to clear long after they were forecasted to disappear. But finally all clouds were gone and Cyril was able to hop into the 05D to warm up for solo. After a couple of landings with his instructor, he executed four perfect landings on 28R just before our beloved stadium TFR went into effect.


Zsolt Katona CFI


Membership Meeting on 7/15

We will be celebrating the end of the FIFA World Cup with a membership meeting on Sunday, July 15th. Plane wash starts around 10am, BBQ around noon. Potlucks welcome!

The club is considering adding a Cessna 172 to the flight line. The plane will likely be around to see during the meeting.