New Instrument Pilot: Cody Nguyen

After thoroughly testing our upgraded club simulator in 50 knot crosswind and windshear instrument approaches, Cody Nguyen did a “beautiful” job on his instrument checkride with DPE Ashley Snider in LHM. Congratulations, and onwards to CPL then CFI Cody!

Clarence Binninger, CFII

New Private Pilot: Matthew Tisdale

After several scheduling snafu’s, Rich Conté felt compelled to conduct Matthew Tisdale’s checkride at KOAK. After probing the depth of Matthew’s knowledge the flight portion went well and we have another private pilot in our club. Congratulations Matthew!

Ronald Put, CFII

First Solo: Scott Allen

The weather cooperated, the traffic was light and captain Allen was ready. In no small part due to Clarence Binninger’s excellent instruction before me, Scott’s pattern work and landings were textbook. Congratulations Scott!

Ronald Put, CFII

Christmas Party 2021

Greetings AAC!

As your new Social Coordinator, I am reaching out to you to say hello, and invite you to our Holiday party. We had to skip social activities in 2020 because of this whole global pandemic thing. As we return to some semblance of normalcy, we can look forward to more club activities. Yay! Besides parties and BBQ’s, maybe WINGS or other informational seminars (possibly with KOAK tower controllers) and other community outreach activities. I would like you to let me know what kinds of events you would like.

This year’s holiday party will be potluck-ish: the club will provide a variety of fine carbohydrate and cheese options (pizza) along with BBQ/grill (with plant based options). Please bring your excellent selves and guests. If you are so inclined, bring along beverages, appetizers, or desserts to share.

Mark your calendars for Friday December 3, 6pm

Location: Clubhouse or hangar (depending on weather)

COVID considerations: we’ll be following Alameda County and CDC guidelines and we’ll update you with specific guidance closer to the event.

More details will follow and if you have suggestions for this or other club activities, please post in the channel #social-activities in our slack workspace (or reach out via email). I can also help you set up slack on your mobile device or browser if you have issues connecting.

Happy pumpkin spiced holidays,