Christmas Party 2021

Greetings AAC!

As your new Social Coordinator, I am reaching out to you to say hello, and invite you to our Holiday party. We had to skip social activities in 2020 because of this whole global pandemic thing. As we return to some semblance of normalcy, we can look forward to more club activities. Yay! Besides parties and BBQ’s, maybe WINGS or other informational seminars (possibly with KOAK tower controllers) and other community outreach activities. I would like you to let me know what kinds of events you would like.

This year’s holiday party will be potluck-ish: the club will provide a variety of fine carbohydrate and cheese options (pizza) along with BBQ/grill (with plant based options). Please bring your excellent selves and guests. If you are so inclined, bring along beverages, appetizers, or desserts to share.

Mark your calendars for Friday December 3, 6pm

Location: Clubhouse or hangar (depending on weather)

COVID considerations: we’ll be following Alameda County and CDC guidelines and we’ll update you with specific guidance closer to the event.

More details will follow and if you have suggestions for this or other club activities, please post in the channel #social-activities in our slack workspace (or reach out via email). I can also help you set up slack on your mobile device or browser if you have issues connecting.

Happy pumpkin spiced holidays,


Annual Membership Meeting

Date: Saturday, October 9

Time: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Join us for a plane wash, BBQ, hangar talk and a view of the Blue Angels departures and arrivals for Fleet Week! Family and aviation enthusiasts welcome!

Food this time will be back to the usual meeting fair. We’ll be BBQing and hosting a pot luck. Bring your favorite dish and share your food with the piloting world. We’ll have some cold drink as well but feel free to bring you favourite libations if you want.

The election of the board is one of our goals for this Saturday. A member will be asking around before we conduct any official business for anyone that would like to join the board. This club is run by volunteers. It’s only as good as the amount of time people give to make it that way. We’re always looking for help with those that want to join in. Being on the board means committing to:
 – Attending board meetings that occur every other month
 – Discussion and voting on club affairs
 – Interviewing new prospective members
 – Owning a part of the club’s operations
 – Ensuring the success and longevity of the club
 – Inspire others to do the same

We’re going to try to have a thrice around (we have all the planes booked) but because of the airshow we may have to improvise. One note: This time in order to participate in the thrice around you must also participate in the plane wash. 😀

Location: Club Hangar

10:00AM – Plane Wash Begins
11:00AM – Thrice Arounds Begin
12:00PM – Potluck Lunch
~3:00PM – Blue Angels Take Off

New Private Pilot: Steve Giordano

Congratulations to Steve Giordano for passing his Private Pilot Checkride last Monday, August 9th! After a 31 year hiatus, Steve completed his lifelong goal of becoming a pilot. Congrats Steve and welcome to the club!!

Brandon Aaseby CFI

New Private Pilot: Alex Guo

Alex started flight training last 2/14 and was fully prepared today to explain the subtle difference between an “aircraft 100H inspection” and an “airframe 100H inspection”. After a satisfactory oral and flight portion, despite gusting conditions at F72, Rich Conté awarded Alex with his private pilot license.  

Congratulations Alex!  

Ronald Put, CFII