First Solo: Matthew Fox

Congratulations Matthew Fox on your initial solo this morning at Tracy. It was a proud moment to jump out of the airplane and watch you fly the pattern. The hard work is paying off.

Terence Wilson CFI


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Cyril Pinkham First Solo

Sunday August 5th started out as usual at OAK. Low clouds not wanting to clear long after they were forecasted to disappear. But finally all clouds were gone and Cyril was able to hop into the 05D to warm up for solo. After a couple of landings with his instructor, he executed four perfect landings on 28R just before our beloved stadium TFR went into effect.


Zsolt Katona CFI


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Justin Darby First Solo

On the gloomy afternoon of May 24th, after a couple of practice touch & go’s with his instructor at OAK, Justin was ready for some weight loss and went at it alone in 6605D. As he taxied out traffic at the airport suddenly tripled, but Justin executed four flawless landing on 28L.


Zsolt Katona CFI

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James Burgess First Solo!

Late Monday afternoon James Burgess completed his first four solo landings. Flying the unauthorized-drone-filled OAK airspace, he made two landings on 28R and two on 28L. Congratulations!

Zsolt Katona CFI

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