New Private Pilot: James Welch

There is nothing like the feeling of passing a Checkride!

HUGE Congratulations to James Welch, Alameda Aero Club’s newest Private Pilot! James called me up a little over a month ago to see if I could get him through his Checkride on the fast track. He leaves for Army basic training on October 8. I knew it would be tight but we got’er done! Also a big shout out to DPE Ken Cobb in Columbia. He gives a very thorough Checkride, and is always a pleasure to work with!

CFI Drew Kemp

New Private Pilot: Carlos Cuesta

Two days, two Private Pilots! Huge congratulations to Carlos Cuesta! On this smoky, funky day Carlos got’er done with DPE John Ewing. It took a while, but Carlos hung in there, and I couldn’t be any prouder of him!

Drew Kemp CFII

New Private Pilot: Michael Sears

Congratulations to our newest Private Pilot, Michael Sears! He made it through the haze to KCCR today where he impressed upon DPE Rich Batchelder his flying abilities and flew back with his certificate! Way to go Michael!

Joel Klein CFII

New Private Pilot: Charles Almy

Congratulations Charles Almy, Alameda Aero Club’s newest Private Pilot! Charles took DPE John Ewing for a ride in 05D today and managed to impress him with some maneuvers and pattern work at a seriously windy Rio Vista airport. If you see Charles around the airport give him a pat on the back (tall guy, big beard, you can’t miss him)! Nice job Charles!

CFI Derek Goheen and Jake Rosenbaum