Congratulations to Matthew Gast – New Private Pilot!

Congratulations to Matthew Gast, Alameda Aero Club’s newest private pilot!  Matthew held a seminar yesterday with DPE Steve Benedict up in Santa Rosa, thus earning his newest certificate.  Goes along nicely with the commercial pilot glider and advanced ground instructor certificate he already holds.

– Drew Kemp CFII

New Private Pilot – Ben Weerts!

Let it be known: that on this day – Benjamin Weerts – did knowingly and successfully complete the rigorous course of study and experience, and demonstrated his ability to pilot an aircraft to the delight of the pilot examiner… And, doing so, did earn his Private Pilot certificate.

Please take a moment to congratulate him.

Christopher Freeze, ATP/CFI

New Pilot, Ari Arshi!

Cool, windy, and cloudy. Challenging conditions for any pilot. Late this afternoon, Ari Arshi demonstrated to DPE Steve Benedict that he has the right stuff to become Alameda Aero Club’s newest Private Pilot!  

~ Drew Kemp CFII


New Pilot, Shannon Rubicam!

Alameda Aero Club’s newest private pilot, Shannon Rubicam. Shannon was not about to let anything get in her way. Presidential TFR’s, wind, weather. Shannon “Got’er Done!”

– Paul Bemowski CFII, plus Drew Kemp and Jeff Reader who stepped in last minute to help Paul




Damian Cowell, AAC’s newest private pilot!

This morning, Damian Cowell showed designated pilot examiner Rob Davids that he
had the stuff to be Alameda Aero Club’s newest private pilot. Despite some
challenging weather getting into Calaveras, In the great British tradition, he
kept calm, and carried on.

Three cheers for Damian Cowell!
Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Drew Kemp CFII