Congratulations to Joseph Unruh!!!

I’d like to announce that the club’s own Joseph Unruh has passed his private pilot ASEL checkride at KTCY with Vince Nastro. This was no small accomplishment for Joseph in a post-burning man aircraft switch from 734BN -> 937UL with just a few days of practice to prepare.

I – as his instructor – will be happy to not be doing more endorsments for Joseph Elfstrom Collins-Unruh – his full and proper name – that will be on his certificate – if there is room.

Give Joseph a pat on the back if you see him around the club.

Fly Safe.
Paul Bemowski, CFI

Congratulations to Harry Sadler!!!

I’d like to be the first to congratulate Harry J Saddler, the club’s newest private pilot. Harry had to do a bit of horse trading when N6605D went down for maint earlier this week – Harry and I appreciate the consideration of the other club members in giving him access to another aircraft, and getting the log books in order on short notice.

Harry likes Gin.


Congratulations to Matthew Gast – New Private Pilot!

Congratulations to Matthew Gast, Alameda Aero Club’s newest private pilot!  Matthew held a seminar yesterday with DPE Steve Benedict up in Santa Rosa, thus earning his newest certificate.  Goes along nicely with the commercial pilot glider and advanced ground instructor certificate he already holds.

– Drew Kemp CFII

New Private Pilot – Ben Weerts!

Let it be known: that on this day – Benjamin Weerts – did knowingly and successfully complete the rigorous course of study and experience, and demonstrated his ability to pilot an aircraft to the delight of the pilot examiner… And, doing so, did earn his Private Pilot certificate.

Please take a moment to congratulate him.

Christopher Freeze, ATP/CFI