N739UL Technical and Performance Data

(Quick Reference Only, Refer to POH for most up to date information)

V-Speeds (KIAS)

Vso – 41KTS
Vs – 47KTS
Vr – 55KTS
Vx – 60KTS
Vg – 65KTS
Vy – 76KTS
Vfe – 85KTS (10-30 deg flaps) 110KTS (10 deg flaps)
Va – 99…92…82KTS (@ 2400lbs…2000lbs…1600lbs)
Vno – 128KTS
Vne – 160KTS

Short field Tkoff: 10 degrees flaps climb 56KTS
Short field Land (Full Flaps): 61KTS
Max Crosswind component: 15KTS

Compass Deviations


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Fuel Capacity: 43ga. total, 40 usable
Oil Capacity (Total): 7 qts (5 qts minimum)
Propeller: Fixed Pitch, 75 inch diameter
Engine: Lycoming, 160hp, O-320-D2J

Gross Weight: 2400 lbs.
Empty Weight: 1435.3 lbs
Useful Load: 964.7 lbs (2400 – 1435.3 = 964.7)
Baggage: 120 lbs.
Payload with full fuel: 724.7 ( 964.7 – 240 = 724.7)

As a note numerous pilots mistake how to get the payload with full fuel. Pilots incorrectly use FUEL CAPACITY (43 gal) instead of USABLE FUEL (40 gal) for C-172N. So the 1435.3lbs includes those 3 gallons of fuel.The “Basic Empty Weight” is airplane + UNUSABLE FUEL + engine oil + full operating fluids (brake fluid).


Rate of Climb at Sea Level: 700ft/min (Sea Level)
Service Ceiling: 13,100 ft.

Ground run 890 ft.Ground roll 540 ft.
Over 50ft obstacle 1625 ft.Over 50ft obstacle 1280 ft.

4 hours in any direction with 45 min reserve, NO WIND (at 75% power = 8.4GPH) ~ 450nm (Reference Section 5-17 in POH for cruise performance table.)