First Solo: Scott Allen

The weather cooperated, the traffic was light and captain Allen was ready. In no small part due to Clarence Binninger’s excellent instruction before me, Scott’s pattern work and landings were textbook. Congratulations Scott!

Ronald Put, CFII

First Solo: Alex Guo

Congratulations to Alex Guo on his first solo at KOAK today!

After a couple hours flying around our little race track AKA “left traffic 28L” a few days ago, today seemed almost a leisurely affair having 28R pretty much to ourselves. The traffic was light, the tower was friendly and efficient, the winds were good and even the clouds lifted a little. Alex took the controls and confirmed that 9UL really does climb better with just one person on board.

Ronald Put (CFII)

First Solo: Christiaan Prins

Congratulations to Christiaan for his first SOLO FLIGHT in Byron. Oakland was so nice to change the ATIS to “no pattern work” after calling for taxi, just for us. So off to Byron. Christiaan made 2 perfect touch and go and one full stop landing on 30, dodging parachute jumping planes taking off against the traffic flow, gliders coming back home and other pilots entering the pattern on the left base.

Roland Koch, CFI

First Solo: Mauro Poggio

On January 9th, after three successful landings on 28R and a nice compliment from the Tower Controller working his flight, Mauro Poggio achieved one of his lifelong dreams of flying an airplane by himself. Congratulations on your 1st solo, Mauro! 

CFI’s – Jeff Wright and Brandon Aaseby

First Solo: Daniel Novak

Thur, Dec 3rd was a beautiful late fall afternoon and KOAK tower allowed touch&goes and Daniel Novak decided he could do this flying thing on his own. After dropping his instructor at Signature, three take offs and landings were executed flawlessly and the first “pilot in command” entry was proudly entered in the logbook.

Congratulations Daniel!

Ronald Put (CFII)