New Private Pilot: Alex Guo

Alex started flight training last 2/14 and was fully prepared today to explain the subtle difference between an “aircraft 100H inspection” and an “airframe 100H inspection”. After a satisfactory oral and flight portion, despite gusting conditions at F72, Rich Conté awarded Alex with his private pilot license.  

Congratulations Alex!  

Ronald Put, CFII

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New Private Pilot: Victor Levasseur

Congratulations to Victor Levasseur on passing his Private Pilot checkride this morning (11-May) with DPE, Tom Hornak! During the debrief, Tom said he struggled to find fault with any of Victor’s maneuvers. Congrats Victor and excellent work!! 

CFI’s: Brandon, Terence and Jeff

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New Private Pilot: Cody Nguyen

Today after a lot of hard work and some last-minute schedule changing Cody Nguyen became Alameda Aero Club’s newest private pilot with DPE Ashley Snider.
Congratulations Cody.
Mike Eggen CFI

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New Private Pilot: Stefan Landau

Finally, some good news to come out of 2020! After impressing DPE Rick Savage with his short field landings in KEDU, Stefan Landau is Alameda Aero Club’s newest Private Pilot. Congratulations, Stefan!!A huge accomplishment and well deserved.

Brandon Aaseby, CFII

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New Private Pilot: Max Hergel

So proud of this lad. 17 year old Max Hergel passed the private pilot checkride this afternoon. In the picture left to right, examiner Rich Conte, Max, yours truly. Masks off just for the pic.
Terence Wilson (and Adam Webster) CFIs

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