Annual Membership Meeting 2015

Thanks to the participation of SO many members, this year’s Annual meeting was a resounding success.IMG_1684
The turnout for the washing of 9UL was massive, and she’s a shiny ship tonight.
This picture, in front of our new toy, Cessna 734BN, shows two dozen of the nearly three dozen folks who attended.
We were able to accomodate all who wanted to go Thrice Around (despite the obstructions presented by our friend, the Port). Nachos Garcias go to Club CFI Christian Goetze, who rode shotgun/signed logbooks for the flights, and Chief Pilot (CP) Liz Sommers, who made it happen.
We say Thanks and Well Done to Paul Peterson, who is leaving the Board of Directors, and welcome Assistant Maintenance Officer Mark Ryan, and Members-at-Large Shannon Rubicam and Matt Heller. In addition, Andrew Kilroy has agreed to supplant Ena Zefram as our Webmaster (For the Record: Andrew was the guy on the creeper in the Tyvek suit this morning, transferring the grime on the belly of the aircraft onto himself).
We inducted two past presidents into the Club’s Hall of Honorary Members. Wally Johnson (1980s) and Steve Bevitt (1990s) gave gracious (and short) thank you speeches. Our CP also celebrated the recent accomplishments (Solo, Private, Commercial, Inspection Authorization) of our members.
There were lots of smiles.
Membership Officer Will Golden echoes the success of the BBQ by reporting that there were no leftovers. Our next member meeting will be the Christmas Party on Friday, December 4th, starting around sunset, at the clubhouse.