Aircraft Booking System

3planesThe club uses the system for aircraft scheduling and booking. This lets members book planes from home via the web or via a phone, or at the club itself using the club’s PC or phone. When you’re at the clubhouse ready to fly, take the following actions:

– Click on your reservation to dispatch the flight
– Print a dispatch sheet to help you verify initial tach time
– Go fly!
– On your return, click on the reservation to check in the airplane
– Enter the new tach time, and fuel reimbursement amount if applicable
– Pay for your flight with a credit card, or deduct from your club account if you have a positive balance.
– Email a photo of your fuel receipts to for audit.

The system is fairly self-explanatory, so the best advice is to point your browser at the site, and see what happens. If you are a club member and you can’t log in to the system, or need help with the phone version, etc., or you need a login id and password, contact the club’s membership officer and we’ll do our best to help.

Some notes on how to effectively use the system:

  • The scheduler system makes extensive use of email, so we need to have a correct and up-to-date email address for you. If you don’t have email, or we have the wrong address for you, you may not be able to log on without our help, or you may miss some useful messages. So please ensure that the club has the right email address for you, otherwise you may miss urgent maintenance bulletins or messages trying to tell you that the plane is down.
  • Please also edit your scheduler profile so that your phone numbers are available for quick access by plane captains and other members in case of schedule screwups, maintenance problems, etc. You can edit these things with the “My Account” menu item, and you can decide whether to let other club members see this information or not (all club admins and plane captains can still see it if it’s hidden from normal members).
  • When you log in to the scheduling system, always check the club news using the “Club News” menu item. This is usually presented to you automatically when you log in anyway, but check it just in case….We use the scheduler’s news system extensively for up-to-the-minute news on plane status, etc.
  • When you add or change a booking, please use the “Comments” section to add a suitable comment where this makes sense. E.g. “VFR to TRK”, “IFR Training”, or “Introductory / demo flight”, or something useful along those lines. This can help plane captains decide when a plane needs to be pulled, or whether it’s worth doing a backup IFR booking over your VFR booking in case of bad weather, etc.
  • The scheduler system has a nice feature called “backup reservations“. This allows you to book a plane even when someone else has already booked it, and if they cancel, you automatically get the booking. You can backup book already-backed-up bookings, too.The biggest application here is for booking a plane that’s currently down or marked as down in the future, but you want to book it if it returns to the line before schedule.It is also quite useful to be able to read the comments of someone who’s already booked the plane (see above) to judge whether it’s worth backup booking, e.g. you might do an IFR backup over a VFR booking by someone else in case the day’s weather is IMC.
  • Now that we have this system, there’s no excuse not to immediately email a plane captain when something’s wrong with the plane, or you’ve downed the plane yourself due to problems (only one of the admins or plane captains can down the plane on the scheduler).To use the email from the club’s PC, just log in to the scheduler web site normally and use the “My Club” option to send email — it should be self-explanatory. If you’re feeling kind, you should also email anyone else who’s booked the plane over the next day or so.
  • Don’t check the “Save My Login Entries?” box on the login page if you’re using the club’s PC to access the scheduler! This will make it easy for the next user to come along and act as you, which is probably not what you want.If you use the club’s PC and discover that the previous user left themselves logged in, just go to the login page and logout, then log in as yourself (and don’t check the box!).
  • If you’re using the club’s PC, quit the browser after every login or use the new “logout” menu item when you’re finished.If you forget to log out or exit the browser, someone else can access your schedules and profile from the PC. This probably isn’t very worrisome (given the way the club works and where the club’s PC is), but it’s something else to think about — and it can be a bit confusing to the next person who comes along and tries to use the scheduler.