New Private Pilot: Steve Giordano

Congratulations to Steve Giordano for passing his Private Pilot Checkride last Monday, August 9th! After a 31 year hiatus, Steve completed his lifelong goal of becoming a pilot. Congrats Steve and welcome to the club!!

Brandon Aaseby CFI

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New Private Pilot: Alex Guo

Alex started flight training last 2/14 and was fully prepared today to explain the subtle difference between an “aircraft 100H inspection” and an “airframe 100H inspection”. After a satisfactory oral and flight portion, despite gusting conditions at F72, Rich Conté awarded Alex with his private pilot license.  

Congratulations Alex!  

Ronald Put, CFII

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New Private Pilot: Victor Levasseur

Congratulations to Victor Levasseur on passing his Private Pilot checkride this morning (11-May) with DPE, Tom Hornak! During the debrief, Tom said he struggled to find fault with any of Victor’s maneuvers. Congrats Victor and excellent work!! 

CFI’s: Brandon, Terence and Jeff

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First Solo: Alex Guo

Congratulations to Alex Guo on his first solo at KOAK today!

After a couple hours flying around our little race track AKA “left traffic 28L” a few days ago, today seemed almost a leisurely affair having 28R pretty much to ourselves. The traffic was light, the tower was friendly and efficient, the winds were good and even the clouds lifted a little. Alex took the controls and confirmed that 9UL really does climb better with just one person on board.

Ronald Put (CFII)

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