First Solo: Mauro Poggio

On January 9th, after three successful landings on 28R and a nice compliment from the Tower Controller working his flight, Mauro Poggio achieved one of his lifelong dreams of flying an airplane by himself. Congratulations on your 1st solo, Mauro! 

CFI’s – Jeff Wright and Brandon Aaseby

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First Solo: Daniel Novak

Thur, Dec 3rd was a beautiful late fall afternoon and KOAK tower allowed touch&goes and Daniel Novak decided he could do this flying thing on his own. After dropping his instructor at Signature, three take offs and landings were executed flawlessly and the first “pilot in command” entry was proudly entered in the logbook.

Congratulations Daniel!

Ronald Put (CFII)

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New Private Pilot: Stefan Landau

Finally, some good news to come out of 2020! After impressing DPE Rick Savage with his short field landings in KEDU, Stefan Landau is Alameda Aero Club’s newest Private Pilot. Congratulations, Stefan!!A huge accomplishment and well deserved.

Brandon Aaseby, CFII

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New Instrument Pilot: Mihir Paradkar

Mihir Paradkar aced his instrument checkride today with DPE Ashley Snider in Lincoln. 2020 started cloudy for Mihir after his badge, logbook, and passport were stolen. But through masks, smoke, and heat, he went for his instrument rating anyway. He showed rare ability in the simulator phase, then nailed a perfect ILS 28R in IMC on his first training flight after! As a musician, we knew he was checkride-ready when he started humming in between scanning, briefing, and centering the needles. And now he can fly through the clouds all alone! Congratulations Mihir! Clarence Binninger CFII, with help from Derek Goheen

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New Private Pilot: Max Hergel

So proud of this lad. 17 year old Max Hergel passed the private pilot checkride this afternoon. In the picture left to right, examiner Rich Conte, Max, yours truly. Masks off just for the pic.
Terence Wilson (and Adam Webster) CFIs

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New CFI: Roland Koch

After grudgingly admitting defeat arguing about Bernoulli’s Law with physics PhD Roland Koch, examiner Richard Conte got his back by nitpicking on the power-off 180s. One week of practicing later, that hurdle fell and the club now has yet another CFI.

Christian Goetze, CFII

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