4th of July Parade 2016

This year’s 4th of July parade in Alameda was a huge success! Our own Will Golden once again provided the club with the use of his van to act as our parade float. With some well placed banners, a loaner R/C plane and some elbow grease members came together and made her match ready! Included in the festivities are chief pilot Liz Sommers, membership director Will Golden, club treasurer Kath Holcombe, club president Kenneth Levins, club mechanic Mark Baird and club webmaster/local vulgarian Andrew Kilroy. The route was long, the weather was warm and the kids were waving with open arms as we passed out pilot’s wings courtesy of Liz Sommers. Merriment was had by all. The day was finished with a ‘debriefing’ at McGee’s Bar and Grill on Park St.


Membership meeting/plane wash

Fellow Members –
Just a reminder that our next Member Meeting will be held this Sunday, May 22nd (Rain or Shine) at our hangar. As usual, I’ve scheduled a plane (9UL) to be cleaned. Washers please meet me by 10:30. A BBQ, featuring all the hangar talk you could want, will get fired up around noon. I hope to see you there!

– Will

Fourth of July Parade 2015

Once again the Alameda Aero Club participated in the Alameda Fourth of July Parade. Our float was driven by our own membership officer, Uncle Sam (Will Golden). Special thanks to all who volunteered their time preparing the float and taking part in the parade: Andrew and Heather were the “prep” crew; Kath riding with Uncle Sam, while Ken, Chief Pilot, Liz Sommers, and club mechanic, Mark, walked the route distributing United Airlines wings to the crowds.

Fourth of July Parade

Fourth of July Parade

Fourth of July Parade

Fourth of July Parade

Spring 2015 BBQ & Plane Wash a Success!

Not only did we have a great turnout, plenty of delicious food and hours of hangar talk, — all THREE planes got washed that day. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped with washing, BBQing and everything else which made our day a special one!

Group Photo

beer in the hangar
BBQ at the hangar
Instructors Drew and Liz
BBQ Chef