James Burgess First Solo!

Late Monday afternoon James Burgess completed his first four solo landings. Flying the unauthorized-drone-filled OAK airspace, he made two landings on 28R and two on 28L. Congratulations!

Zsolt Katona CFI

Congratulations to Joseph Unruh!!

Winds finally abated on Sunday, and as it turns out when it is not 20 gusting to 32 out there, Joseph Unruh is able to land an airplane. After a few touch and goes at oakland he was ready to go… sadly we kept having to avoid a cub towing a banner over the Coliseum – which as we all know by now is a harbinger of the dreaded Stadium TFR. So off to Livermore – for a few more touch and goes with 200 pounds of excess baggage.

Joseph did great with 3 touch and goes on 25 right and left over at LVK without those 200 pounds of hot air. On the third one his instructor got a bit worried – as the tower extended his downwind to just shy of the Altamont pass.

If you see him around the club, he deserves a pat on the back. Here’s a quick shot of Joseph after all the excitement.


Congratulations Michael Cosentino!!

Congratulations Michael Cosentino on your first solo!

Michael had blue skies, but changing winds at KLVK today. After doing several great landings at KLVK on 25R, he dropped off the extra airplane weight (leaving his CFI behind), and taxied out to 25R, where they promply turned him around to taxi to 7L due to changing winds. He then did his first touch and go on 7L before getting switched over to 7R where he accomplished another solo touch and go before making a full stop on 7R, holding short of 7L, then taxiing back to pick up his instructor. All this was done with an extremely busy airport, including 2 flights of 4 doing formation flights, a flight of 2 P51 Mustangs, and numerous other pilots joining in the pattern with him!

Way to go Michael!


Liz Sommers

Congratulations to Jonathan Chu!!!

Be it known that on this day, January 12th, 2016, the venerable and esteemed Jonathan Chu did “slip the surly bonds of Earth,” and “flung his eager craft,” Cessna N793UL, clear of “the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds,” and achieved 3 landings without the assistance of another mortal in the plane.

Please pass your congratulations to the newly-minted solo pilot.

Christopher Freeze, CFII