Lou Fields Memorial BBQ a Success!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or company! Our second annual Lou Fields Memorial BBQ was a success with great hangar talk and great food – on our own, new club dinnerware. There was plenty of hamburgers, salads, chili, beer, and dessert to go around and later we raised our glasses in a toast to Lou! Here are some photos from the prep and BBQ.

lf2014BBQ2    lf2014BBQ4

lf2014BBQ1    lf2014BBQ3


1st Annual Lou Fields Memorial BBQ & Plane Wash

loufields_smOn the afternoon of August 11th AAC members raised glasses and took a moment to remember pilot and friend, Lou Fields. Only a year before we had celebrated his 90th birthday in the very same hangar. He is dearly missed and we hope to honor his birthday and memory every year with a BBQ plane wash event. A good time was had by all and there was plenty of grub for the hard-working plane washers!

Before the BBQ, the plane wash team of Andrew, Stan, Will, Ben, Julie and Susan gave two of the club’s planes baths. Cessna 739UL was first up in the wash area. With the fearless plane washers balancing on ladders and circling her fuselage, she was scrubbed clean of smashed bugs, oily fingerprints and grease. Pushing her out of the way so her greasy underneath could be tackled, Judy & Ena taxied over 8312H, the club’s Warrior. The team set to work making the “Hummingbird” shiny again, which is admittedly easier to accomplish with a low wing plane. Finally, Will and Ben scooted underneath to tackle the grease with scrubbing bubbles. Thank your plane wash team for that tiny increase in speed next time you see them!


august13BBQ3 august13BBQ4