4th of July Parade 2016

This year’s 4th of July parade in Alameda was a huge success! Our own Will Golden once again provided the club with the use of his van to act as our parade float. With some well placed banners, a loaner R/C plane and some elbow grease members came together and made her match ready! Included in the festivities are chief pilot Liz Sommers, membership director Will Golden, club treasurer Kath Holcombe, club president Kenneth Levins, club mechanic Mark Baird and club webmaster/local vulgarian Andrew Kilroy. The route was long, the weather was warm and the kids were waving with open arms as we passed out pilot’s wings courtesy of Liz Sommers. Merriment was had by all. The day was finished with a ‘debriefing’ at McGee’s Bar and Grill on Park St.


Congratulations to Charlie Croom

Congratulations to Charlie Croom, who today demonstrated to DPE Ken Cobb that, in turbulent air, he could safely and proficiently fly the airplane solely by reference to the airplanes’ instruments.
Way to go on PASSING your Instrument ASEL checkride!

Liz Sommers CFII

Congratulations to Griffin Potrock!

Alameda Aero Club’s newest instrument!  We managed to sandwich Griffin’s checkride in between storms, and he got’er done today with DPE Rob Davids up at Calaveras County Airport. On their first approach to Stockton, Tower turned a huge KC-10 tanker on to final in front of them a little too close, and they had to go missed.  Big fun!

Drew Kemp CFII


Congrats to Mark Ryan

BE IT KNOWN that on this day, the 22nd day of November, Anno Domini 2015, pilot Mark Ryan, upon completing the course of aeronautical study provided by flight instructor Christopher Freeze (ATP/CFII), did knowingly and willingly prove to FAA-designated pilot examiner Rich Batchelder the ability to “aviate, navigate, and communicate” an airplane without reference to external visual reference, and has earned the rating of Instrument Pilot and all the right, privileges, and responsibilities said capability bestows and entails.

Please take a moment to congratulate him…

Congrats to Kyle Derkacz!

Success!  Today, my student, Kyle Derkacz absolutely crushed his Private Pilot checkride with DPE Ken Cobb, on sparkling clear Autumn day, up in the Sierra foothills at Columbia. This checkride, according to Ken, was one of the best he has ever given. Kyle just nailed it!  Congratulations to Alameda Aero Club’s newest Private Pilot!


Drew Kemp

Congratulations to Misha Tyukin

Congratulations to Misha Tyukin, who PASSED his private pilot checkride on October 8 with DPE Rich Batchelder.

Misha started his training in CCR, took a short hiatus after having an engine failure on his 3rd solo flight, (and a very successful off airport landing!), joined the Alameda Aero Club to complete his training, then finished up his last couple of weeks at Pacific State Aviation in CCR.

Way to go Misha!