Introductory Flight — $99

The special $99 introductory flight lesson is intended for those who have not yet started flying lessons. This is a real, one-hour lesson, not a sightseeing flight.

If you’re interested in taking the introductory flight, contact one of the instructors below. If you’ve already started lessons elsewhere and would like to continue your lessons with the Alameda Aero Club, or get an advanced rating, see below for a complete list of club instructors.

Why Learn with the AAC?

The club offers student pilots a great deal — good instructors, well-maintained and relatively inexpensive airplanes, and a wealth of experience and support while you’re struggling to get your license. Our instructors and planes are suitable for basic training at the US PP-ASEL (Private Pilot Airplane Single-Engine Land) level and for basic instrument ratings for those IFR days. For a detailed account of one club member’s learning to fly with the Alameda Aero Club, see Hamish Reid’s Flying Diary.

Your first step should be to fill out the application for membership in the Alameda Aero Club. Membership gives you access to our economical planes and top-notch instruction. Call one of the club instructors or the Membership Officer to arrange an introductory flight lesson. Arrange with your club instructor to schedule lessons at your convenience.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Our Instructors

(* = available for the $99 introductory flight)

drewDrew Kemp*, CFII

Weekdays, Evenings, and Weekends. Please call for schedule.



charlesdkemp at gmail dot com
joelJoel Klein*, CFII

Weekends, evenings; all instruction


jeklein at pacbell dot net

Terence WilsonTerence Wilson*, CFII

weekends & some evenings;
email for schedule

925-223-7145 (mobile)

terence dot wilson at gmail dot com

Liz_SmallLiz Sommers*, CFII

Call for schedule


esommers99 at aol dot com


PaulBemowskiPaul Bemowski, CFII

Available: Afternoons (after 4pm) and weekends by appointment.
New Member Checkout/BFR
bemowski at yahoo dot com


cgoetzeChristian Goetze, CFI

Weekends, evenings


cg at miaow dot com