COVID Flight Rules

Self Screening

All pilots, CFIs and passengers must review the self screening assessment below prior to each flight and cancel the flight/clubhouse visit if the answer to any question is “yes”. Note that this assessment is not required to be completed on paper, but you will be asked to affirm that all on board have reviewed the assessment prior to aircraft dispatch.


  • Use hand sanitizer before entering clubhouse.
  • OPTION 1: Pilot retrieves aircraft keys and 70% IPA spray bottle from clubhouse.
  • Remove aircraft cover and unlock.
  • With master switch off, and no sources of ignition nearby, spray IPA mist over controls, door handles, seat belts and all touch points. Surfaces to be sanitized should be wet with IPA (but not dripping wet). DO NOT SPRAY CONTROL PANEL OR INSTRUMENTS.
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Wipe off excess IPA with paper towel
  • Allow remaining alcohol to flash off with aircraft doors open prior to energizing master switch.
  • Return IPA to clubhouse. Do not fly with IPA bottle in aircraft.
  • OPTION 2: Use disinfecting wipes to clean door handles, controls etc.


  • Pilots and passengers- Use hand sanitizer.


  • Only the pilot should enter the clubhouse. Passengers should remain outside but in voice/visual control of the badgeholder.
  • No more than two people at a time should be in the clubhouse, and both parties should wear masks. We will monitor this via security cameras and take action if this rule is not observed.
  • Pilots should use hand sanitizer immediately before retrieving keys and IPA.
  • All passengers should use hand sanitizer before entering aircraft.
  • Only solo/cohabitant or essential training flights with CFI and student only is permitted at this time.
  • 70% IPA is flammable. Please review the Material Safety Data Sheet here. Ensure that treated areas are dry and aircraft is well aired out prior to energizing aircraft master switch.

Dual Instruction

  • Cleaning protocols to be performed pre-flight as above.
  • Crew only  (CFI and student)
  • Masks to be worn during interaction < 6 feet apart before, during and after flight.
  • Each flight participant acknowledges that their flight is essential pursuant to a training curriculum for a certificate, or to retain currency of existing certificates.
  • Student pilots must use their own headsets- no loaners.
  • Ground training, preflight briefings, and post flight reviews must take place outside the clubhouse.

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