Fourth of July Parade News

Our entry in this year’s Alameda Fourth of July parade will be less ambitious that last year’s, but will be just as much fun (without all the work). We’re going to mount a (8-foot wingspan) “model” airplane on a sheet of plywood on the roof of a van. We’ll be doing the pre-parade prep in our hangar in the evening of July 3rd. if you’re free to help, please contact the Membership Officer for more info.

Just like last year, we’ll have members walking alongside the van, handing out Club decals during the parade. If you’d like to participate, please let us know.

We’d like our walkers to be wearing Alameda Aero Club shirts. Even if you won’t be in the parade, this is a good time to pick one (or more) up. Go to to check out their offerings (coffee cups, too!). As the shirts tend to run a bit small, order one size up.