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NOTE: We currently have a waitlist to join the club

ggatesmallMembership in the Alameda Aero Club offers student or experienced pilots more of what they are looking for in a flying club. As a member, you are a part owner of the aircraft. You enjoy 24 hour access to all the planes via our convenient web-based reservation system.

In close proximity to San Francisco and East Bay cities, Oakland International is very convenient – this view of the Golden Gate Bridge is ten flying minutes away. We have experienced Instructors, and student pilot training is typically more thorough than in most places, given the diversity of terrain, airspace, and airport types in the Bay Area.

To join the Alameda Aero Club you will need to provide the following minimum hard-copy paperwork.
(See membership joining costs below)

  • Completed and signed Application form (below)
  • Copy of both sides of your State Driver License
  • Printout of your Driver Record obtained from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (it’s ok to have the unofficial version)
  • Copy of your Passport (or other proof of citizenship).
  • A printout of your Pilot Record obtained from the FAA at (Not required for Student Pilots)
  • Copy of FAA Medical Certificate (not required for Student Pilots until solo)
  • Copy of both sides of your Pilot License (not required for Student Pilots)
  • Copies of logbook entries of your last Biennial Flight Review (not required for Student Pilots)

First things first, though. We’d like to chat with you on the phone and fly with you, to see if we are a good fit for you. For more information, please contact the Membership Officer.

nightflyingMembership Costs

$250 Refundable* deposit,  $250 Initiation fee and $40 first month’s dues for a total initial payment of $540.

That’s it. Monthly dues continue to be $40.00 per month. Inactive (temporarily non-flying) members pay $10 per month.

What are you waiting for?

Application Forms.

Click to download the Membership Application Form.

*Return of deposit on requires members to maintain active membership in good standing for at least 6 months. Resignation prior to 6 months will result in forfeit of deposit. SIDA badge must be returned to Port of Oakland as a condition of refund. Outstanding account balances will be deducted from deposit refund.

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